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Brynmill & District Angling Club

Coarse Fishing on The Fendrod Lake and The Half Round Ponds in Swansea

Summary of Rules

(full rules available at Rules & Constitution – Brynmill & District Angling Club (brynmilldistrictac.co.uk)

  1. All fish to be returned to the water.
  2. Adults – Maximum of 3 rods, Juniors Maximum of 2 rods.
  3. No litter.
  4. No spinning or fly fishing
  5. Barbless or micro barbed hooks.
  6. Carp Anglers – Minimum 15lb line, no fixed leads, Minimum 36” landing net, unhooking mat with sides, carp care kit, no leaving rods unattended.
  7. Keep nets min 8ft x 18 inches. No retaining of fish over 5lbs.
  8. No tents, bivvies or fishing brollies only.
  9. No fishing if spawning activity is evident.
  10. No boats.


Brynmill & District Angling Club

Brynmill and District Angling Club run two waters in the Swansea Enterprise Park on behalf of Swansea Council. We are responsible for providing a coarse angling leisure facility for the City, that caters both for the Pleasure, Specimen and Match angler alike.

Club members
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Venues to Fish
Matches per year
Our Club is currently open and welcoming to new members. See the Membership section for more details on how to join.
Join Us
Non-members and guests wanting to fish our waters can purchase a Day Ticket, prices per day start at £8 and must be purchased in advance on line.
Everything from Beanies to Winter Jackets, become a club ambassador and wear your club logo with pride.
We run Club and Carp Matches. Details will be published nearer the time on this website and on our Facebook page.

Club waters

As a member of our club, you will gain access to fish The Fendrod Lake and The Half Round Ponds in Swansea.